Email Sales Blueprint

InstructorConnor Davis
TypeOnline Course
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Section 1
Lecture 11. How Long Should Your Autoresponder Sequence Be?
Lecture 22. Offers vs Content Ratio
Lecture 33. When To Follow Up & When To Broadcast
Lecture 44. Best Types of Subject Lines to Use
Lecture 55. How to Provide Constant Value to Your List
Lecture 66. How to Monetize Your List With Products & Affiliate Offers
Lecture 77. How to Write a Good Follow Up Email
Lecture 88. How to Write a Good Promotional Email
Lecture 99. The Best Width for Emails
Lecture 1010. Should You Use Plain Text or HTML?
Lecture 1111. Should You Use Double or Single Opt In?
Lecture 1212. Signature Links
Lecture 1313. Cliff Hangers
Lecture 1414. Your Prospect Follow Up Sequence
Lecture 1515. Your Buyers Follow Up Sequence
Lecture 1616. How I Write Copy for Any Products in Just 5 Minutes
Lecture 1717. How to Tell a Story in Your Emails
Lecture 1818. How to Track Your Click Through & Open Rates
Lecture 1919. How to Write a Call to Action
Lecture 2020. The Complete Ingredients of a Good Follow Up & Promotion Email